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For over 20 years, AmCham Winter Ball has been AmCham South China's most glamorous signature event in the Greater Bay Area that never ceases to put on a blockbuster, attracting more than 500 well-dressed guests in attendance. It is perfectly okay if you can't help feeling astounded when you see on the guest list are all the foreign Consuls General in Guangzhou, Directors General of provincial departments of commerce in South China, and c-suite executives at multinationals. What cannot be missed is, of course, the grand raffle prizes we will be giving out at the Ball –in value of over RMB1,000,000!

With all said, get ready to brace our Winter Ball on December 7 at the fabulous LN Garden Hotel Guangzhou. With the theme Peace & Love this year, you should feel the itty bitty yippie hippie in the air. We will be playing Motown songs throughout the night to take you back in time where everything was cool.

The Peace & Love movement was a groovy thing, but its essence in the 60s was more than just a hippy anthem. The peace signs and smiley face we often use as emoji nowadays represented the American spirit of friendship, happiness and harmony at that time. The soundtrack of the time was an eclectic mix of R&B, rock, psychedelic, surf, and folk music. Fashion was Mod. Women wore go-go boots, shorter hairstyles and mini-skirts, a 60s style which was iconized by the world's first Super Model Twiggy.


今年将于12月7日在广州花园酒店盛大举行的冬季舞会主题为"爱与和平"(Love & Peace),这是源于西方六十年代的流行文化口号。红极一时的笑脸和反战符号及其海量再创作艺术作品即衍生于此。

西方六十年代的"爱与和平"不仅仅是对嬉皮文化的歌颂,彼时还代表了追求友谊、快乐及和谐的灿烂光辉。当时,最具代表性的音乐风格为蓝调、摇滚、迷幻、冲浪及民谣。摩德风(Mod)是弄潮儿所追求的生活方式,他们有着自己的时装风尚、音乐、夜店、杂志及仪式。女性热衷的一切,则全数凝结成从未离开过Fashion Inco地位的世界超模徐姿(Twiggy);其迷你裙及摇摆靴(go-go boot)配上一头长度不过耳下的Blonde Bob俏丽短发的造型重新定义了女性形象,至今仍拥有许多复刻造型的追随者。

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Garden Hotel
368 Huanshi Dong Lu, Guangzhou

广州市, 广东省, China

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