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The Multinational HR Management Association in China (AMCHAM's CHRMA) is a China-licensed and non-profit making professional association dedicated to building and enhancing the role of the HR profession. American Chamber of Commerce in South China and AMCHAM's CHRMA, the Multinational Human Resources Management Association in China are pleased to invite you to join the HR Best Practice Innovation Pioneer Award for 2019.

This prestigious awards program aims to identify and acknowledge best practice in the essential area of human capital development. These important Awards are supported by a number of international and Chinese companies and human resources management consulting firms.

秉承着"提升中国人力资本"的愿景,华南美国商会人力资源协会(AmCham's CHRMA)联席知名企业、人力资源管理咨询公司,诚挚邀请贵司参与2019第七届创新先锋最佳人力资源管理实践奖。

Award Criteria 实践标准

HR practices which address business challenges and bring about added value and measurable results through either


1)   Non-traditional, innovative HR practices that few other companies have implemented before;


2)    HR practices which leverage state-of-the-art technologies;


3)   HR practices which leverage newly researched methodologies and theories.


目的 Objectives

The AMCHAM's CHRMA Awards will help its members and human resources professionals to:

Share the value and impact of the best practices in human resources management for enhancing professional growth.


Recognize the value and contribution of human resources in workforce engagement and business development.


Recognize organizations with actions and programs in order to benchmark HR practices.


Promote HR best practices so as to enhance HR professional standards


价值 Values

  • Recognition by industry peers and within corporations for the role contributed by HR.
  • 培养企业内外部的荣誉感;
  • Motivation to the HR team, enhancement of HR work that align with corporate goals and business objectives.
  • 激励人力资源团体,促进团队工作能更广泛与业务目标保持一致;
  • Recognition and career enhancement.
  • 提升美誉度和职位发展的空间
  • Recognition from human resources management sector and other industries.
  • 在人力资源管理界和其他行业内获得认同;
  • Public acknowledgement at the Awards Ceremony presentation.
  • 在颁奖典礼上获得公众认同;
  • Awards winners list will be published on website, publications, and media campaigns.
  • 奖项得奖者名单将于网站及刊物等公佈,並获得媒体宣传等。