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What about Wu Xing Village:
Located in the eastern part of Zhuan Shui town, Meizhou City

With 252 poverty-stricken people in the village involving 82 underprivileged families, 37 people with disabilities and 27 households need whole-home improvement

In 2016, 39 families, 93 people out of perverty which is 36.9% of total poverty-stricken people.

Poor Public Infrastucture
*There are no independent village committee office and sanitary station
*Poor school facilities: aging wiring, classroom with no windows, no standard sports playground, no library and musical instrument
*5 km road without cement

What you can do:
Donate any excess inventory or services or anything that may help Wu Xing Village

House and living goods: cooking oil, rice, food and so on

Computer, stationery, musical instrument and books

Basic medical supplies and medicine

What we can offer:
Join Guangdong media, government officials, and AmCham senior business executives to visit Wu Xing village

Company Logo and name on the banner of visit to Wu Xing Village

Company name listed on the Special Additional issue of the AmCham South China Business Journal on Feb 2017.《华南商务快讯》2017年2月特刊展示企业名称

Completed Programs in Chang Yuan Village美商会已完成长源村资助项目:
With four years' charity fundraising effort in Chang Yuan Village, it has developed its infrastructure and school facilities.

We sincerely ask for your help for AmCham South China’s effort to help alleviate poverty in Wu Xing Village of Meizhou city. You can offer any excess inventory or services or anything that may help 252 Poverty People in Wu Xing Village.

All in-kind donations will be distributed to these Poverty-Stricken families of Wu Xing Village, a monthly living allowance of RMB 120 is all a family of five has to purchase food, pay medical bills and support a child’s education. It has been five years since AmCham South China host the annual charity events. Additions, we are also happy to see the children been cured with the help of the funds raised for their medical treatments. This trip will also highlight investment opportunities which can be profitable while creating jobs in that area.


AmCham Chairty Trip

AmCham Chairty Trip in Wu Xing Village
Completed Programs in Chang Yuan Village